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The "DIWAN" is ancient word from Middle East which is used for a honour or honorary position in government. In Ancient India Mughal Empire introduced "Diwan" initially refers to a chief revenue officer and later special hall or dinning place where audience gather for meetings and dinnings. <

Mughals distinguished Diwan into Diwan-e-am and Diwan-e-Khas depending on gathering. Mughal kitchens gave a number of delicious recipes which are world famous and mouth watering like Mughalai Chicken & Kormas.

During British rule in India Mughalai recipes blended with different spices which led to vindaloos, jalfrezi, Balti etc. British took all these ancient recipes to whole world. Diwan Grill is introducing the same ethnicity from Mughal kitchens with the fusion of British curries, different flavours of spices from other parts of India and with specialty of Grill work in New York.



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